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Livin' The Dream

Livin' The Dream


Volunteer at

Because we are a small family owned farm,

      WE NEED YOU!!!!

There are MANY opportunities for volunteering and shadowing on our farm. Routine care, like feeding and watering, consume much of our time, leaving lots of other tasks undone. 

There are always animals who need groomed/loved on/bathed, stalls that need cleaned, cobwebs that need removed, weeding, fence maintenance,  bookkeeping, pictures of animals taken and posted, and countless others!!! 

Why volunteer? While we are a working farm and hope to profit from the raising and selling of our animals, we are also a privately funded rescue. We take voluntary surrenders, purchase from the Sugarcreek Auction, and from private individuals. We do our best to not turn any animal away and to find each animal a loving family of its own.

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