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Welcome to Livin' The Dream Farm
We started as a small family run farm located in Atwater, Ohio (Edinburg Twsp). We raised a wide variety of animals based on the interests of our children. The kids are all grown so now it's my turn! Currently I still raise: CATTLE, HOGS, MYOTONIC FAINTING GOATS, NIGERIAN DWARFS, CLUN FOREST SHEEP, NETHERLAND DWARFS, PEACOCKS, HEDGEHOGS, AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS, ANATOLIAN SHEPHERDS, COTURNIX QUAIL and CHICKENS. I also find great pleasure in taking in voluntary surrenders and rescues when space is available. 

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All your animal needs in one place:

*Riding Lessons *Horse Sales*Livestock Hauling*Horse ownership courses*Livestock Sales*Egg Sales*Petting Zoos*Pony Parties*Tours*Farm and Pet Sitting*

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